Andrew has been a resident of Mitchell for over five years. His two children attend a local public school. Andrew works as a software engineer for over 15 years.


Andrew is active in the local community, having run campaigns for better transport to the Northern Suburbs, including the 612X and 602X express buses. He's stood up for our local area’s parks and been a leader in his local community. Andrew is running because our area has been taken for granted by the Liberals.

Stands for What is Important in Our Area

Andrew stands for all the people who have to get up in the morning to go to work. Engineers, accountants, teachers, salespeople, truck drivers, tradies – anyone who has to work for their living.

Andrew will advocate for a fair tax system. He will oppose the GST which will hit lower and middle income earners. Currently two thirds of the biggest companies pay no tax. The top individual income earners also pay no tax. Andrew will advocate policies that ensure that everyone pays a fair share of tax.

The Coalition's cuts to blood tests, pathology, X-Rays and MRI have hit the pockets of both public and private patients. Andrew will advocate for these services to be funded again.

Andrew is committed to needs-based education reform. This means that every child will get the assistance they need to have a good education – regardless of whether they are in a public, Catholic or private school.


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